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Murder party: all inclusive (version Murder party Business)

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Organize Murder party taking care of every detail. In particular, our estimate includes:

Selecting suitable location of the event suggesting a number of locations that we have already successfully tested and / or checking the suitability of other locations identified by the customer.

Cena con delittoInstallation of professional audio amplifier Altocon two active ABS with two full range speakers 5 "120W RMS. System wireless microphones.'s Background music and sound effects Duranti the evening are chosen to create a compelling inspired by the world investigator and yellow. every moment of the evening, the arrival of the guests at the launch of the investigation, the arrest of the killer until the final award of the winning team is always accompanied by the right background music theme with Murder party.

Using free use of all materials and equipment necessary for the success of the event: electronic two-way radios, at least three laptops, wood lamps, flashing scientific police, handcuffs, megaphones, real safe, etc..

Customizing and printing of the menu with crime: FBI appetizer, noodles crime scene with zucchini and shrimps suspicious CSI, cut the luminol with rocket and parmesan Derrick Poirot, coffee killer ...

Cena con delittoDelivery on the evening of a CD with high-resolution photos of the evening made with professional SLR camera Nikon D60 to guarantee the quality of the images. We are also available to create a private area with username and password only available to participants in the murder mystery dinner with all the photos from the event in order to quickly share the memory dell'avvincente evening together.

HD movie of Murder party.

Prize for the winning team of investigators evening and stopping live the killer. If no group fits the killer, the latter will be rewarded. Pen custom remind all participants to Murder party. Each participant at the event will also have an identification badge on your team of investigators (Miss Marple, Inspector Gadget, Sherlock Holmes, Jessica Fletcher, etc..).

Money back guarantee. To date, none of our Customers has used this warranty.

From our estimate excludes only the following two items:

  • the cost of dinner;
  • any reimbursement of travel, accommodation and meals (no reimbursement of expenses will be charged to distant location less than 50 miles from our headquarters Albino - Bergamo - Italy).

And for those who want to contain the budget we propose:

  • Murder party low cost version;
  • Murder party standard.

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