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Murder party: the investigations

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Murder party: the investigations

Here are some examples of investigations to be carried out during dinner with crime. The choice of investigations depends in particular on the number of participants and the time available.

Murder party: fingerprints

are found some fingerprints that could belong to the killer, and that will be compared with those of the suspects. The laboratory for fingerprinting is available to investigators throughout the Murder party. This test is carried out only in Murder party Business in which the murderess is not a fictional character but it is the same participants to Murder party.

Murder party: Wood's lamp

Cena con delitto

investigators will have to find some valuable clues left by the victim before his death on the offender through the use of special ultraviolet lamps.

Murder party: the identikit

through a professional software for identikit (the same as using the FBI) ??and the valuable information gathered from an eyewitness can be rebuilt a sketch of the culprit. Available for investigators is served a real Mobile laboratories with at least three PCs available as well as a color laser printer to print in real time identikit made.

Murder party: the search for clues in the way of escape

the murderess in haste made a mistake losing an audio recorder. Investigators will be able to find it using a high-tech radio wave system.

Murder party: the interrogation of suspects

investigators will succeed through skillful questions to gather information useful to frame the culprit.

Murder party: tests of skill

ongoing training for a detective is crucial to keep updated on new techniques and methods of investigation. The team of agents must be able to successfully pass the changing skill checks that are proposed by the Directorate FBI.

Murder party: The shooting range

The team of investigators who will get the best score at the shooting range set up in the room will receive a clue. Login at the shooting range online>>

Murder party: defuses the bomb

Cena con delitto

the murderess to erase valuable clues from the crime scene has installed a bomb ticking. The timely intervention of the investigators and their ability could allow you to save precious clues at the crime scene.

Murder party: the search with the metal detector

detectives scour the crime scene with the metal detector to search for a valuable clue.

Cena con delitto

Murder party: the indictment and the arrest of the murderer

come to the end of the investigation we have to formulate their indictment and the arrest of the culprit. A highly efficient justice will reveal the accuracy or otherwise of the arrest. The team of investigators who have first identified the killer will stop live and will be rewarded with a coveted award within the Department FBI.

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