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Murder party: specialists for companies

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Murder party: specialists for companies

organizing a dinner with a crime for your business entrusted to specialists in Murder party concern, as we only have the following guarantees:

  • during the Murder party participants do not attend a theatrical performance, but become themselves the detective leading the investigation to be able to stop the killer. All this takes place in a very realistic and original and full of involvement and entertainment;
  • we are a corporate training (www.olympos.it) specializes in team building events and not a theater company. We work every day with companies;
  • we organized crime for over 80 Dinners with leading companies (see company references). We are at your disposal to provide direct references of our customers in order to ask them how they found working with us;
  • since 2008 is that we organize dinners with business and every crime they enrich and improve our services with news and details;
  • We can arrange dinner with murder in 3 different modes: Murder party playful: to avoid the usual business dinner ...;
  • Murder party Intermediate: providing over dinner with some crime "pills" team building training and performing at the end of a quick debriefing Murder party (groups highlight the positive trends that have emerged during the investigation and are useful even when working together);
  • Murder party training: a real corporate team building course organized through an immersive experiential methodology (need to have at least half a day's time).
  • ...

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