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Murder party and team building for companies

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Murder party and team building for companies

During dinner with a crime a team of people (investigators) is committed to achieve a common goal (to stop the killer) solving a complicated problem (murder) as soon as possible.

In addition to recreational purposes and aggregation between persons Murder party is very suitable to be used as a form of experiential education (outdoor training), in particular on issues of group problem solving and team building.

We are able to offer our events with crime directly in English or in both languages.

The outdoor training: Murder party

Cena con delitto per aziende e teambuildingOutdoor Training is a training tool totally exciting and engaging that takes participants to learn in a direct and immediate and rely on all their resources to achieve individual goals and common, accelerating the normal process of learning.
The Outdoor Training engage the whole person: mind, body and emotions. Show that through proper teamwork, insurmountable obstacles can be overcome. The effectiveness of the course is measured by how the participants memorize what they learn and how to apply what they have learned in their daily activities.
The Challenges of Outdoor Training stimulate learning problem solving, rather than following a traditional approach with the expert that says how. It is based on the premise that one learns more in doing that to follow a lecture or reading a book.
Through the process of analysis and reflection, after the experience, indicating that which will be applicable in the work. The analysis of the resolution of the problem gives general guidelines on how best to approach your daily activities. Objectives: to work better together, change negative behaviors by learning to see pros and cons, focus on goals.

Murder party and team building

Cena con delitto per aziende e teambuildingThe outdoor training used to develop the team allows, through a strong involvement of people, an improvement in the ability to work with others, to cooperate, to make and receive energy from the group.
The first person to live with their colleagues a practical test, a concrete experience (not physical strength but collaboration with the group) allows you to fully unleash the positive energy of the individual contributing directly to strengthening the team spirit and membership. The learning contents are then anchored to an emotionally satisfying and evocative.
Participants are confronted with difficulties and complex real-life situations where the risk is emotional, it is not a real risk, it is not extreme in themselves.
In fact, what is important is not the actual level of difficulties to face the full emotional involvement of the participants who have put all their energy and personal potential.
It is through the generalization of the participants learn the behaviors that will guide them in their context of origin.

Advantages: Murder party

Cena con delitto per aziende e teambuildingOutdoor Training is one of the most effective methods of learning as: "If I hear, I forget, if I see, I remember, and if I do, I understand." (Confucius)
The participants are the protagonists in the first person and the training model novel raises the accession of participants
The messages and the contributions of the animator are valued because they are seen as an indisputable completion of the work already carried out by groups
The characteristic of 'event' that takes the meeting and the atmosphere of the game are the lifeblood to the participants of the highlights that create cohesion, incite action and allow time to remember the concepts addressed
It allows to enhance the storage and facilitates the exchange of experience and team spirit among the participants.
And 'particularly suitable for the formation of large groups (20 to 90 people).

The learning cycle in outdoor: Murder party

The learning model we refer to is the one based on experience. Learning that is not only based on the moments of description of concepts in the classroom but from practical experience, engaging in emotional and cognitive level, followed by a reflection on the actions carried out (debriefing) to reach points of learning (learning points) for use in the field working.

  • Practical experience: the activities are metaphors of real work situations, in which we must manage limited resources, tight deadlines, different personalities, motivations sign and different level.
  • The debriefing: every experience is followed by an analysis session facilitated by the trainer. Participants are encouraged to recognize the critical success factors of a group both operating on an emotional level.
  • The learning points: each debriefing concludes with a summary of some learning points to be used in the next project and in the workplace.

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