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Murder party: the staff of www.acenacondelitto.it:

As the protagonists of our Murder party participants directly (not with us you attend a theatrical performance but become real detective) our staff personnel ranging from a 1 to a maximum of 4-5 detective detective to dinner with crime with several hundred people involved.

In the low cost version of Murder party evening is run by a single junior detective while in Murder party or standard business coordinator of investigations is a senior detective in the number of participants may be supported by one or more of our staff .

The concept of departure is that we are the first FBI agents arrived on the scene of the crime, but failing to deal with them we called the participants of the evening to help in the investigation.

The creator of www.acenacondelitto.it: Gianluca Gambirasio

Cena con delittoI like to call "professional cross country skiing and hobby consultant and corporate trainer."
Consultant and corporate trainer since 1995. After working in other societò consulting and training and then as a freelancer, I founded the first Gambirasio Consulting sas and 2003 Olympos Group Ltd which is the sole director.
Specializes in sales training and management training I have developed several innovative methods of training including the investigative methodology from which it originates even dinner with crime.

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